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4D improvement cycle

It's time. Time to be intentional, set goals, prioritize and achieve.

4D Improvement Cycle follows the process of achievement from conception to completion. 

Dream It. Discern It. Develop It.



the 4D Improvement cycle:

The 4D proprietary four step process is action-driven and designed to:

  • Pin-point and cure your organization's pain points

  • Help you pivot to meet current needs

  • Adopt Continuous Improvement Practices 

  • Accelerate engagement on your Lean journey


how can We help You on your development journey?


Live and virtual training sessions and workshops designed to address your organization's most immediate needs while keeping long-term goals in mind.


Webinars that address the biggest hurdles for small businesses, community organizations and those just starting on their Continuous Improvement journey. 


Let's get personal. One-on-One coaching that addresses your specific needs. 

Achieving great goals can be challenging and feel insurmountable.


Let us lead you in identifying the first small step you can take to achieve your big goals then keep moving On 2 the Next 1!


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Kata are routines that you practice deliberately, to build new habits and abilities.


Kata are a way of learning fundamental skills that you can build on.


The word comes from the martial arts, where Kata are used to train combatants in fundamental moves. Practicing the Kata can be applied in a much broader sense to help you achieve your most challenging goals.