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#HighFiveFriday Feature: Bella Englebach

Please join me in celebrating today’s feature: Bella Englebach.

Bella is the

Bella is a trained scientist with more than 15 years of operational and Research and Development experience. She uses creativity and continuous improvement to help leaders and managers build environments where problems can be seen, innovative solutions can be discovered and tested, and people can truly drive improvement.

Bella loves to share the voices of fellow creative lean thinkers in her podcast, The Edges of Lean. And she has a gift for applying creativity and lean thinking to product development and people engagement. Next Wednesday she will present a webinar on Lean Frontiers about lean process and product development, You Can’t Make It If You Don’t Know What Breaks It!

Bella models respect for people through the work she does in her personal and professional life. She is an active ally in making changes in the workplace, her home community and the Lean community. Bella deliberately and intentionally seeks ways to use her passion for creativity and lean thinking to remove barriers to opportunities and advocate for people in marginalized and oppressed groups.

Let’s give Bella a big high five, by leaving a note of kudos in the comments. I also encourage you to connect with Bella on LinkedIn to learn more about her and her impactful work. She totally rocks!

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