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High Five Friday Feature: Karyn Ross

Please join me in celebrating today’s feature: Karyn Ross.

Karyn is:

Karyn uses creativity and continuous improvement to make a difference in her clients’ lives and everyone she meets. She strives to live out her mission to “help people improve the world.”

Karyn recently submitted the manuscript for her new book, The Kind Leader, to her publisher. Her latest book project has become the springboard for the Kind Leader Community. Then on International Women’s Day, Karyn announced the launch of The New School for Kind Leaders. This new online school and community are designed to teach people how to become Kinder Leaders through practice.

According to Karyn:

“Starting in April, The New School for Kind Leaders will be offering online classes, workshops and learning experiences to teach people, through practice and community, how to lead with kindness! Because leaders who lead with kindness, spread kindness and create a better, kinder world for all!
You don’t have to be in a formal leadership role to be a New School for Kind Leaders student! That’s because everyone is a leader and can lead with kindness, wherever they are and whatever they do!”

Karyn exemplifies continuous improvement and respect for people in all that she does. She is an active ally in making changes in the workplace and the global community.

Let’s give Karyn a gigantic high five by leaving a note of kudos in the comments. I also encourage you to connect with Karyn on LinkedIn and follow The New School for Kind Leaders to learn more about Karyn’s world-changing work. She totally rocks!

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