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High Five Friday Feature: Calvin L. Williams

Hi Friends,

Fridays are one of my most favorite days of the week because that’s when I:

  • Recognize greatness

  • Celebrate scientific thinkers, and

  • Spotlight everyday problem solvers

As a result of my experience with co-hosting KataCon7, presenting the KaiNexus Kata in the Community Webinar, and taking the time to learn more about the innovative work of this week’s high five Friday feature,,, I’ve decided it’s time to take the #HighFiveFriday feature #OnToTheNextOne!

Like always, I will introduce you to some really awesome ROCK stars who are using continuous improvement (regardless of where they are in their journey) to make a BIG difference one experiment, one step, one Kata microlearning, one day at a time! Additionally, #HFF features will include monthly themes. Our theme for April is #GottaKata and will spotlight people who are practicing and coaching the Toyota Kata.

Please join me in celebrating today’s #HFF feature: Calvin L. Williams.

Calvin is the Founder & CEO of Impruver, Inc., which is a continuous improvement software company. Calvin was also one of the keynote speakers at KataCon 7. He moderated a live panel discussion, “A Case Study on Enterprise Kata,” with four senior leaders from companies representing different industries. The panelists endorse the Toyota Kata at the highest level and support its practice because the Improvement/Coaching Kata provides a structure in which their companies can thrive.

Calvin and his team at Impruver, Inc. are intentional about partnering with companies to create a Continuous Improvement culture that engages everyone, everywhere, in practicing scientific thinking and making daily improvements.

Kudos to Calvin and his team. They totally ROCK!

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