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High Five Friday Feature: Sylvain Landry & Marc-Olivier Legentil

Our High Five Friday theme for May celebrates colossal collaborations, powerful partnerships, and dynamic duos who are using their gifts and talents to brighten the lives of others through education.

Join me in celebrating today's #HighFiveFriday Feature: Sylvain Landry and Marc-Olivier Legentil, MSc.

Sylvain is a professor at HEC Montreal in Quebec, Canada, the co-author of Lean, Kata and Management System: Reflections, Observations and Stories of Organizations, and manages the Toyota Kata University website. Marc-Olivier is a continuous improvement consultant at Bell Nordic, Inc. and one of the Toyota Kata Memory Jogger co-authors. Sylvain and Marc-Olivier are heavily sought-after speakers and are respected for their writings, presentations, and practice of the Toyota Kata to instill transformational change.

Sylvain and Marc-Olivier are a dynamic duo. They are spotlighted as the #HFF for their collaboration to uplift important causes and improve processes for good in the community. They accomplish this by introducing the steps of the Improvement Kata in Kata Labs. The labs offer an environment where volunteers receive hands-on Improvement and Coaching Kata practice in real-time practice. A great example of how Sylvain and Marc-Olivier are using their knowledge and expertise to educate and develop others is the work done through the Kata Labs in organizations such as the Moisson Montreal Foodbank. Participants in the labs immediately deliver results to enhance the gathering and distribution process. Volunteers leave the two-day workshop with the satisfaction of knowing they’ve made a positive impact in their community through practicing the Kata for Good and that the improvement journey lives on beyond the lab with no expiration date. Isn’t that inspiring?

Please connect with Sylvain and Marc-Olivier today to learn more about how they’re transforming lives through educating and empowering others. Also, please join me in celebrating their powerful partnership by leaving a congratulatory note in the comments.

Happy #HighFiveFriday Sylvain and Marc-Olivier, you both totally rock!

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