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High Five Friday Feature: Tracy ORourke & Elisabeth Swan

Hi Friends,

We are continuing our May High Five Friday theme by recognizing colossal collaborations, powerful partnerships, and dynamic duos who are using their gifts and talents to brighten the lives of others through education.

Join me in celebrating today’s #HighFiveFriday feature: Tracy ORourke and Elisabeth Swan, the co-founders of the Just-In-Time Cafe, Lean Six Sigma master black belts, co-authors of The Problem-Solver’s Toolkit, podcast hosts, and Kata Girl Geeks.

Tracy describes herself as a process improvement zealot. She loves helping clients experience those “Aha” moments and become even more eager to apply the concepts they’ve learned. Elisabeth loves problem-solving and collaborating with clients and colleagues to solve problems together.

Tracy and Elisabeth are well-respected Lean Six Sigma trainers and consultants. They make learning and practicing processing improvement informative and fun. Don’t be surprised if you register for one of their workshops and find them sporting a colorful wig or using improv to engage the participants. They are both great storytellers, and they use their passion and platforms to create a space of inclusive learning regardless of where you may be in your continuous improvement journey. Tune in and subscribe to their Just-In-Time Cafe youtube channel and podcast to regularly experience the excitement and great learning that goes down in the JIT Cafe!

Tracy and Elisabeth are classic examples of everything a powerful partnership should be. They are spotlighted as the #HFF for their creativity and how they make learning about Lean Six Sigma fun. Tracy and Elisabeth are fun-loving, but they are also serious and practical with their continuous improvement approach. On June 1, they are offering a dynamic course that provides leaders with what they need to build an army of problem solvers. During this course, Tracy and Elisabeth will guide the participants through what drives successful organizational change. They will be right there to ensure there’s alignment between the projects and the business objectives. For more information about the Lean Six Sigma Leadership course, click HERE!

Please connect with Tracy and Elisabeth ASAP to learn more about how they’re transforming lives through educating and empowering others. Also, please join me in celebrating their powerful partnership by leaving a congratulatory note in the comments.

Happy #HighFiveFriday, Tracy ORourke, and THE Elisabeth Swan. You both totally rock!

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