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2020 #HighFiveFriday -Year in Review

Hi Friends,

Happy New Year and Happy #HighFiveFriday !

I’m excited to revisit and give another virtual high five to the amazing world-changers who were recognized in 2020.

In May of last year, #HighFiveFriday began as a response to the #DedicationWednesday challenge issued by my friend and colleague, Panos Efsta. During the year, the #HighFiveFriday recognitions, spotlights and tributes evolved in a very meaningful way that allowed me to:

  1. Recognize greatness

  2. Celebrate scientific thinkers, and

  3. Spotlight everyday problem solvers

On this first Friday of the new year, I invite you to join me in giving another high five to those who were recognized for going above and beyond in significant ways to make a difference in the lives of others, especially during a challenging year.

Thank you to these amazing people who are changing the world!

05/01: Jeff Welch

05/29: Joy Mason

07/10: Sam Morgan

10/16: Mike Jones

Happy #HighFiveFriday! Keep making a difference and keep moving #OnToTheNextOne!

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