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Creating a Better Future - Communication is Key

I'm grateful for the opportunity to have been a guest on episode #14 of Brad Jeavons' Enterprise Excellence podcast.

We had an amazing conversation about Lean leadership, the importance of employee engagement, the value of effective communication, and how Continuous Improvement can be used to transform communities around the globe.

Brad did a brilliant job capturing the key takeaways from our conversation:

1. The influence that people can have on our lives - both good and bad. Even a negative experience can inspire forward motion. It's what we do with these experiences that counts.

2. The power of unlocking and creating communication between leaders and front line employees who create value. These means leaders getting to the front line and spending time with employees there. Creating forums to encourage communication and sharing of information. Use the power of video conferencing to communicate with team members across the globe.

3. The power of understanding and mutual respect.

Listen to Enterprise Excellence Episode 14, as Brad and I discuss how together we can improve communication and create a better future in our workplaces and the world.

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