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Fostering an Inclusive Environment


Fostering an Inclusive Environment with Deondra Wardelle | 035

APR 07, 2021

Jamie V. Parker

As operations executives and managers, we cannot sit on the sidelines when it comes to systemic racism. We need to lead boldly. Deondra Wardelle talks us through diversity, equity, and inclusion, the intersection between DEI and Lean continuous improvement, and specific steps ops leaders can take to foster a more inclusive environment.

What You’ll from this Episode

  • How #RootCauseRacism was born from the foundations of Lean continuous improvement

  • The meaning of DEI and why it’s critical for organizational success

  • How equity and equality differ, and why one is more relevant for Respect for People

  • Steps managers - at any place in the organization - can take to foster a more inclusive environment

Get full show notes and information here:

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