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Happy National Vision Board Day!

In 2015, Kellan Lutz and Ryan Daly declared National Vision Board Day as a fun holiday in the U.S. to encourage making visions and goals more tangible.

Vision boards are a powerful tool used to visualize your purpose and what you desire to achieve. I have an affinity for vision boards and how they can be used to transform dreams into reality.

People from all walks of life create vision boards to:

  • Set clear goals for the new year

  • Gain focus on what’s important

  • Use as a motivational tool

  • Generate buy-in on a group/team goal

Since 2017, I have been using my strategic vision boards as a coaching tool to guide others to be intentional, gain laser focus on their purpose, be curious and live in the moment. I’ve discovered that combining the practice of continuous improvement with the visioning process is highly impactful and life-changing.

Starting in 2021, I’ve introduced the 4D Improvement CycleTM process to my strategic vision board workshops. The 4D Improvement CycleTM (pictured below) provides guidance on the continuous improvement steps to take to go from dreaming to doing.

In a recent workshop, one participant shared that as a result of participating she was able to gain clarity on her big picture vision and how she could use lean to clarify the small steps to take toward accomplishing her goals on a daily basis.


Another participant shared in a LinkedIn post:

“When I received my pre-work for the workshop, I was less than jazzed about having to find something good about 2020, but the reflection and journaling did bring out some really great things that I want to building on in #2021 and what I'd like to accomplish without any barriers. #wouldntitbegreatif
I created my theme and intention for the year and then mocked up my #digital board to focus on a few different aspects of my life. I thought about those big goals, but then how I could break them down into daily actionable tasks - something I love to think about as a project manager because it helps get those HUGE intimidating ideas into focus when I can just chip away at them little by little. #ontothenextone

Celebrate this fun national holiday by posting your vision board or theme word for 2021. If you’ve been on the strategic vision board journey with me, please share your board and/or how applying continuous improvement has inspired or changed your life.

Also, please join me on the Centering Sister Videocast via Facebook live, Wednesday, January 13 at 8 p.m. where I’ll discuss the transformative power of strategic vision boards with hosts Dr. Carolyn Strong, Tami Winfrey-Harris and Dr. Tyffani Dent.

Happy National Vision Board Day and keep moving #OnToTheNextOne!

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