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Moving On To the Next One in 2021: Strategic Vision Board Workshop

The new year is a great time to gain clarity around critical questions for your business and personal goals that often include:

1. What is my purpose?

2. How should I expand or decrease my service options to meet the needs of my customers?

3. What are my targets for 2021?

During the 4-Step Strategic Vision Board Workshop, participants will use the steps of the Improvment Kata to assemble a strategic vision board that will serve as a visual road map to guide the participant from the current condition to the desired target condition(s). The steps to building the strategic vision board will include:

Step 1: Aspiration and Inspiration: CHALLENGE – Determine the long-term change you desire to achieve.

Step 2: Assessment: CURRENT CONDITION – Evaluate objective information about the current state.

Step 3: Planning: TARGET CONDITION – Reflect on the current condition and any obstacles then prioritize the action steps in images.

Step 4: Implementation: EXPERIMENTS – Develop a routine and measurement system to stay on track and keep moving on to the next 2021 goal.

Join me on December 9th from 1pm EDT - 3pm EDT for an interactive and impactful online workshop!

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