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She's Different!

In March we celebrate Women’s History Month and the countless contributions of women, who have changed the world in many different ways. We celebrate to remind ourselves of the outstanding accomplishments of women in our culture and society. From the schoolhouse to the White House, it's a chance to reflect on the trailblazing women who shatter glass ceilings and lead the way for change.

Throughout Women’s History Month, I will share several blogs in a new series entitled “SHE’S DIFFERENT” as a way to recognize the amazing things that happen when women are true to themselves, able to unashamedly embrace their gifts, and celebrate what makes each woman unique and different. Today we begin the series by honoring my grandmother’s legacy and how she inspired me to be ME!

“Little girls with dreams become women with vision.” –Unknown.

Mary Rose Hardin, my grandmother affectionately known as “Mother,” was fearless, fabulous, fashionable and walked to the beat of her own drum. In 1960, during one of the most tumultuous and turbulent decades in world history, Mary Rose dared to turn her dream into reality. When opportunities for Black women were limited, Mary Rose forged her own path. She became a restaurateur and opened Mary Rose’s Food Shoppe. As owner and operator, she successfully managed all aspects of the business. Her keen business sense provided the blueprint for other business owners in the family, including myself. Yes, Mary Rose was DIFFERENT!

During our last visit, she asked about my business. She said, “Your business is like Oprah’s, and you’re in the business of helping people, right?” I chuckled, smiled and replied, “Yes Mother, you’re spot on. I am in the business of helping people!” She shared how proud she was of my work, told me that she followed my Facebook business page, and read every post and watched every webinar/podcast when I was the presenter or a guest. Oh, how Mother’s words encouraged my heart. I’m so thankful for our memories. I’m grateful for her example of the amazing things women can accomplish when we are genuine, true to ourselves, embrace our gifts, uplift others and celebrate what makes us different. I am also grateful to Mother and the other phenomenal women in my life for instilling in me at an early age to celebrate my uniqueness and to know that I can accomplish any of my wildest dreams! That includes applying continuous improvement methodologies to operationalize diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility (DEIA) in the workplace and cultivate environments where everyone has the opportunity to be successful.

This Women’s History Month, I challenge you to join me in celebrating the women in your network who are making history by daring to be different.

Here are a few simple, yet meaningful ways you can celebrate Women’s History Month:

  1. Share this blog on your social media accounts.

  2. Subscribe to my blog and tune in for next week’s SHE’S DIFFERENT feature.

  3. Read and buy books from women authors.

  4. Buy from and support women-owned businesses.

  5. Wear a pop of purple on March 8, 2022, in celebration of International Women’s Day.

  6. Plan an International Women’s Day activity to help rally your community and advance women’s equality.

  7. Financially support organizations that are raising awareness and are dedicated to supporting equality for girls and women.

  8. Post other ideas or suggestions in the comments.

Keep moving #OnToTheNextOne!

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