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Strategic Vision-Boarding for Continuous Improvement


continuous improvement

I have seen the phrase "Continuous Improvement" inspire fear in some of the most brilliant people I've met. And then they wait for the jargon, "Benchmarking", "Cause and Effect", "COPQ", "Mistake Proofing". We take this sometimes overwhelming concept and turn it into something you can consistently and easily apply to your personal and professional lives. 
The concept in and of itself is simple. Learn how to do something and keep getting better and better at it. And we can show you how.


#RootCauseRacism is more than a hashtag, it's a movement. It's about putting the work in, and bringing about real, sustainable change.

I have a plan.

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ViSIOn Boarding

A Vision board is a visual representation of what you want out of life, personally and/or professionally.
Individuals use vision boards to keep their dreams front of mind. 
Leaders use vision boards to show their employees the organization's goals and vision and how everyone contributes to its overall success. 
Leadership training

#4D Improvement CYCLE

#4D Improvement Cycle is a logical and effective 4-step thought process which helps leaders to achieve desired results. 


Deondra R. Wardelle is a leader, organizer, corporate trainer, licensed health coach, problem solver, motivational speaker and continuous improvement professional.  Her focus is coaching, empowering and developing individuals towards achieving their personal and professional goals.

Deondra’s  passion and life’s calling is using Continuous Improvement methodologies via Vision Boards to help change the lives of people by turning their dreams into reality one day at a time. 

Get connected with Deondra and let her help you achieve your goals.


Deondra was named as an Indy Maven Local Women to Watch in 2021! Read more here.

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