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February#HighFiveFriday Review

Happy #HighFiveFriday, friends!

It’s the end of February already! This week I’m excited to revisit and give another virtual high five to the amazing world-changers who we recognized this month. Please join me once again in celebrating these scientific thinkers and everyday problem solvers: Dr. Willam Harvey, Dr. Robert S. Harvey and the KaiNexus team!

Dr. Willam Harvey and the Improvers and Coaches at Peter Cremer North America , LLP (PCNA) are committed to embedding Continuous Improvement in the company’s culture by incorporating the Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) Cycle in PCNA’s management operating system. The organization delights its customers, achieves its strategic goals and develops team members by cultivating a continuous Improvement approach to business. Read more.

Dr. Robert Harvey is an educator, minister and community leader. His poignant and prolific writings challenge educators to continuously improve by remaining curious about what’s best for children. In his most recent book, Abolitionist Leadership in Schools, Dr. Harvey uses strategic planning to guide school leaders to design and develop approaches to demonstrate respect for students, families, staff and communities in crisis. Read more.

KaiNexus is a continuous improvement software company that aims to use its experience and technology to help spread continuous improvement. We recognized KaiNexus this month for its collaboration with Value Capture, LLC and the introduction of VacciNexus, as well as for KaiNexus’ voluntary support of the #RootCauseRacism movement. Read more.

Happy #HighFiveFriday to these amazing leaders. You all totally ROCK!

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