Dynamic Duos - May 2021 High Five Friday Review

This week’s #HighFiveFriday gives another virtual high five to the extraordinary teams we spotlighted during our May Dynamic Duos in Education theme: Sylvain Landry & Marc-Olivier Lengitil, Tracy ORourke & Elisabeth Swan as well as Dr. Ebony Spencer-Muldrow & Dr Sha-Rese Moore! Please join me in acknowledging their greatness by reading the blog and leaving a celebratory note for the honorees in the comments.

Sylvain Landry & Marc-Olivier Lengitil: https://www.deondrawardelle.com/post/05-14-21-high-five-friday-feature-sylvain-landry-marc-olivier-legentil

Tracy ORourke & Elisabeth Swan: https://www.deondrawardelle.com/post/05-21-21-high-five-friday-feature-tracy-orourke-elisabeth-swan

Dr. Ebony Spencer-Muldrow & Dr Sha-Rese Moore: https://www.deondrawardelle.com/post/05-28-21-high-five-friday-feature-dr-ebony-spencer-muldrow-dr-sha-rese-moore







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